Kathleen Watt















K. E. Watt
has been plucking the music
of images and words out of the air
forever, more or less:

As a student K.E. Watt was doubly matriculated at Rhode Island School of Design in painting and at Brown University in voice performance. About half-way through, an unexpected epiphany led to a western migration and the inside-out pursuit of art and music at Brigham Young University. Ultimately emerging with a BFA and high honors in painting and a minor in Applied Voice, Watt returned to the east for postgraduate studies in opera at Boston University, followed by a stretch in the opera trenches.


There were continuing vocal studies in New York and Europe, and contracts with regional opera companies in the United States, singing lots of roles that start with "S": Sesto, Siebel, Senta, Sieglinde, Salome—a few other heroines (and heroes) by Strauss—both of them.... You get the picture.


That left the rest of the alphabet to explore. K.E. Watt taught elementary and junior high school in the Navajo Nation, painted for galleries in Massachusetts and Utah, illustrated for companies from Good Things Collective of New England, to Southwest Bell and Scholastic Magazine.

Speaking of magazines. K. E. Watt has produced page layout and design for such New York-based publishers as Conde Nast, Time Warner Inc., Marvel Entertainment Group, and Hearst Publications—all the while enjoying an occasional turn behind the golden curtain of the Metropolitan Opera Company, as an auxiliary soprano in the formidable Met Chorus.

Most importantly, K.E. Watt has been chronicling everything—never more carefully than in the years since a narrow victory over Osteogenic Sarcoma. This savage bone cancer was discovered in her face one night while waiting backstage at the Met for a cue to begin the final choruses of Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana. Some cue.

Nowadays, numerous surgeries, lots of illustrations, and many paragraphs later, K. E. Watt looks for the connections that make sense of a disjointed way, and every day finds good reasons for getting on with it. Ms Watt writes frequently on the performing arts, and is regularly represented in Stagebill, Playbill, and the publications of Lincoln Center.

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